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HJ Boutique Consulting specializes in Coaching Executives and Managers on Leadership, Career Transitions, and Personal Development. Additionally, in Consulting in Sales, Marketing, and Brand Management, enabling access to global multi-channel distribution networks, and overall commercial management for products striving to grow their trans-border consumer base.

During 20+ years Hartmut has exercised a passion for Executive Coaching. He has worked with many Executives and Managers, while also becoming professionally certified as a Coach.

The firm is made up of an engaged and connected team of partners, each averaging 25+ years of successful corporate leadership experience, during prosperous as well as crisis management times. We work with clients across the globe looking to profitably grow sales in flourishing export markets.

Hartmut Junghahn, MBA
Founder & Director
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Hartmut Junghahn,

Founder & Director

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Hartmut is a senior multinational executive with high profile commercial

and strategic acumen gained through extensive sales, marketing,

and management assignments in global premium-branded

consumer products and industrial product companies.

Hartmut has experience successfully leading in economies coping with the stress of devaluation, hyperinflation, price controls, and social and political transformation. He has established and managed a start-up JV Partnership and actively participated in many M&A and Divestiture transactions. 


Hartmut has worked with a diverse consumer-product portfolio: beer/wine/spirits, batteries, personal-care, home appliances, pet, insecticides/repellent, auto-care, household hardware/locks/plumbing fixtures, matches/lighters, confectionery, and sportswear/equipment, among others.


Hartmut is fluent in English, Spanish, and German, with a working knowledge in Portuguese and French.


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