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"As a Coach, I become your confidential Thinking Partner, helping you design a path forward to advance your career or personal development, in a transformational and lasting way."

Hartmut Junghahn

Principles of Hartmut's Coaching Relationships:

I will be your "Thinking Partner" by listening attentively, asking thought-provoking questions, and building a trustworthy partnership.

Coaching is not about digging into the past, but rather exploring the present and where the Coachee wants to advance towards.

The Coaching Agreement describes what the Coachee aims to focus, explore, and work on. That goal will always be kept in mind; however, the Coachee decides what to address in every session.

We shall explore topics and a path forward through inner thoughtfulness, stimulated by curious, profound, and compelling questions.

Your change and progress will be more meaningful, lasting, and transformational when you realize it yourself, rather than being told so.

The coaching relationship is governed ethically by absolute confidentiality. Prior to any engagement, I will review, discuss, and ensure that our terms avoid any conflict of interest. 

Colleagues at Work
As your Coach, I promise to...
  • Stay focused and present with you during all of our coaching conversations.

  • Ask questions to ensure my understanding of your situation.

  • Help identify roadblocks in reaching your goals and ultimate objective.

  • Respectfully push you beyond your comfort zone, to get closer to your purpose.

  • Share observations.

  • Provide my full support in helping you achieve your aspirations.

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